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Log packages include materials that are stamped and graded. Our milled logs are a “cut” above the rest. They are precision milled for a proper fit, with corners and lateral joints fitting snuggly together. Logs can be milled up to 32′ in length (special cuts), and logs are available in 7″, 8″, 9″, 10″, 11″, 12″, 13″, 14″, 15″, and 16″ diameters. Logs are milled from standing dead Westernwoods and have a low moisture content. Over the years, we have experienced settling of 1/2″ to 3/4″ in an 8′ log wall. Tongue & groove “D” logs are also available in several different sizes.

Breckenridge D Log Custom Ceiling

Our Standard appearance package contains smooth logs with no bark or hand-peeled surfaces. The Rustic/Cabin appearance log has about 20% of its surface hand-peeled. The Rustic/Cabin log appeals to those who prefer a more authentic log look.

Another option we provide is a “Handcrafted” log home. These logs are fit and pre-stacked at the mill. Each log is scribed and cut to fit a specific location in the wall with hand tools. The logs are delivered to the site in the order they go into the home – bottom logs first. The logs are taken from the trucks and placed directly in the house by a crane. A supervisor is sent from the mill to direct the re-stacking of the logs at your site. This work is usually done in less than a week. Because of the many man hours involved, this package is more expensive than our milled log packages. Call or email to get a custom bid on your handcrafted home.

Handcrafted Log Home



Laneel Perry, Interior Designer
Design Dezign

Premium Log Package includes:

Log Walls – Exterior log walls and gables. The price is based on Swedish cope logs with saddle notched corners. These logs are round with a cope in the bottom that fits over the top of the log below. They come in 7″,8″,9″,10″, 11″, 12″, 13″, and 14″ diameters. *15″ and 16″ diameters are also available as a mixture of standard and cabin/rustic logs. We also provide a “D” log that is flat on the inside with a rounded exterior face. The “D” log comes in 6″x 8″, 8″x 8″, and 8″x 12″ sizes. The logs are milled from Lodgepole Pine and Douglas Fir.

Second Floor System – Second floor joists, support beams and support posts, 2″x 6″ T&G decking for the floor, log stairway with log hand railings, loft hand railing, as needed.

Log Stairs – 10″ Stringers with 12″ Treads

Roof System – Log support posts and 1″x 6″ T&G roof sheeting

Log Fastening – Log fasteners (screws), caulk for interior and exterior, and foam gasket

Exterior Log Stain – Exterior log home stain is included in the Premium log package.

Log Porches, Decks, and Balconies – Log handrail is provided where shown (top rail, bottom rail, spindles).

Blueprints – Blueprints are included in the Premium log package.

~Custom Design Service – Custom changes can be made to our stock plans (for a nominal fee). We can also help you design your own log home.

~Garages – Garages are provided where shown. Garages and attached garages may be added to designs that do not include them. The garage package includes exterior log walls, gables, log fasteners, caulk, and foam gasket.

~Freight – We ship all over the United States. Call or email for current rates.

Complete Shell Package Includes:

  • Materials listed in Premium Log Package, plus:
  • Metal drip ledge for eave and gable, cedar two step fascia, OSB rim board for eaves, architectural shingles or metal roof, wooden I-Joists and LVLS for roof rafters, roofing felt/ice & water shield, 4′ x 8′ sheets of OSB, blocking between wooden I-Joists, framing lumber for interior walls, conventional frame stair material (if not log), double 2x6s for window bucking, redwood decking, framing lumber for exterior decks, sub-floor adhesive, 4′ x 8′ sheets of 3/4″ T&G OSB, wooden I-Joists & LVLs for subfloor, pressure treated lumber for sill plate, sill sealer, OSB rim board for subfloor, 4′ x 8′ sheets of T1-11 subfloor fascia, 5/8″ couplers and allthread, vinyl windows, metal drip ledge for subfloor, exterior doors

~Custom design service and freight are not included in the Premium Log Package; garage materials are provided where shown.

*Basement items are not included unless requested by the customer.

**Referral services are not included in the price of the log home package.

Prices are subject to change.

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